Welcome to… Drunk Couch Confessions

When I was in undergrad, I had an English professor that liked to come back from long weekends, slam her bag down on the podium in the front of the room, and ask, “Sooo… just what kind of postmodernist bullshit have you miscreants been shoving your eyeballs at now?”

Welcome to Drunk Couch Confessions: The Blog. My name is Andrew France, and this site is an appetizer for my feature-length book that’s due out in 2016. Here, you’ll find excerpts and previews from the book, along with an exclusive series of short stories called Drowning in Estrogen.

Additionally, you’ll find my own blog of personal thoughts, current event concerns, and random prose under the “Postgrad Purgatory” Tab. I strangle the English language over there as often as my liquor budget allows.

Look around the site and have a laugh. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates. But don’t be a stranger.

We’ve got a lot of postmodernist bullshit to catch up on.

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